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Procedure for Testing Out of CIS 115


Basic Information:


The first step is to schedule a test at either Certiport or Pearson VUE to take the CIS 115 placement test. A quick Google and one can find many places to take these proctored exams. The Department Chair for Computer Science and/or the Department Chair for Computer Technologies may have some test vouchers. The testing center at GTCC is a valid place to take the test. The needed test can be identified by the following: Microsoft Exam 98-381: Introduction to Programming using Python.  Link to scheduling site:




Scenario 1:

A passing score on the Microsoft Exam 98-381: Introduction to Programming using Python, will enable a student to receive a 'prerequisite bye' which will enable them to take classes requiring CIS 115, such as CSC 151 JAVA Programming. Unfortunately, this bye, although accepted at GTCC, will NOT be accepted nor transferred to institutions such as UNC-G or A&T. This means that such institutions will require one to take CIS 115 or the equivalent, if you transfer there.


Scenario 2:

The test will be scored according to the following rubric:


Microsoft Exam 98-381

CIS 115 Grade

A non-passing score

Student must take CIS 115

A passing score


80% to 89.4%


89.5% to 100%



If the student is not seeking transfer credit, then no grade will be given and only the 'prerequisite bye' will be enabled. However, if the student is seeking transfer credit, then the student must enroll and pay for an active CIS 115 online class and arrangements must be made with the instructor with respect to the assignments. Instructors are encouraged to allow students seeking transfer credit and who have properly submitted documents showing passing of the Exam 98-381 (Official Transcript), to only send in minimal assignments for the course.