What is Versioning and Why is it Used?

Have you ever tried to be sure you a submitting the latest version of your document? If you have ever experienced this problem, then you know what versioning is about.


1.   Version control manages document changes over time, allowing the writer to revert back to a desired level of the document.


2.   Version control allows concurrent updates to the document without impeding the work flow of others who have access to the document. This means allowing branching for individual programmers.


3.   Developers have raised the need to document their work-flow on programming development, debugging, and other forms of operations.


4.   Version control is also becoming a staple in unit tests. Unit test are used to verify programming functions and code operate correctly.


5.   The expanded application of programming over the years has drawn more varied collaborators to a program coding, thus encouraging the adoption of version control as a necessity.


A version change from V3.10 to V4.10 is considered a significant version change in a program.


A version change from V4.10 to V4.20 is considered a minor version change in a program.