The Steps to Install Visual Studio 2019 Community (for csc 134 Fall 2020)



This article explains how to install Visual Studio 2019 Community in a step by step method. Below is a link to download the install package.


Step 1

Go through this link for downloading Visual Studio 2019 Community. Link


Step 2

Click the "Download" button for downloading the VS 2019 executable file on the downloaded path.



Step 3

Open your system's download path and find the .exe file.



Step 4

Double-click the .exe file and the Visual Studio installer window will open. Click "Continue".



Step 5

Downloading and installing progress bar window will open after clicking continue. (Some screens may vary slightly or perhaps not appear, depending on your setup.)





Step 6

After completing the download and installation, then workloads will open. We need to select the workloads we need as indicated below.




Step 7

Click the "Install" button after selecting the workloads. Now, the installation will start and you can see the progress bar for downloading and installing the package.





Step 8

Open Visual Studio 2019 Community and follow the instruction below.




If necessary, change your settings to Visual C++.




When you begin Visual Studio, you may or may not be presented with the following screen. You can either choose Create a new project or continue without code.

I like continue without code better, but you can develop your own style.



Step 9


After choosing file new project, choose empty project and click next. See screen shot.



Give the Project the name "MyName". See screen shot.



Take note of the location. You will need the location when it is time to submit to Moodle.


When ready, click create.


Step 10

Make double sure you have typed the code EXACTLY as presented here.



Fix any syntax or other errors and try running your program again, until it runs correctly.


Step 11

If your program runs correctly then you will see a black console screen as follows:



Look for your name in the black console window. Press any key to close the black console window.

Once you code is running correctly you are ready to submit your code to Moodle.


Step 12

Submitting your code to Moodle


You are seeking to locate your C++ program called "Main.cpp" and submit it to Moodle. The file will contain the code you typed into the text editor. To locate your C++ program file for submission to Moodle, recall the notes you took concerning location (approximately three screens back). It looks something like the following:




Now we need to add the name of our project on to the path above two times like this:




(You will need to substitute your current login name for "ComputerUserName"). For example, if you log into your computer as John Doe, and your username is JohnD then the path would be:




Type this into a file explorer window as shown below:



Send "Main.cpp" to Moodle. In other words, upload "Main.cpp" to Moodle.