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Yeah, patzer is relative and more of an insult, not a specific level of play.

But if you're curious about ratings here, I'd expect a beginner (a real beginner, not someone who has learned many years ago) to be rated well under 1000.

I also randomly selected 2 of your games that went over 40 moves (one win and one loss), and you're developing pieces and castling.

So I agree with your assessment. You've learned the basics.

Although even that word, "basics" changes depending on the level of player you talk to. As an extreme example, I've seen top GMs give commentary that they know "nothing" about an opening, then in the next sentence quote 20 moves from memory from a game played 5 years ago. To them this is just general knowledge everyone (every one of their peers) knows. To them "knowing" the opening means they've prepared it at a professional level. To a new player "knowing" an opening means if you're shown 1.e4 e6 you can say "french" tongue.png

So when I say you know the basics, I'm thinking of beginner basics like you know how to checkmate with king and queen (endgame), you know the opening principals (opening), you know what a fork and pin are (tactics), you know what a doubled pawn and passed pawn are (strategy). That stuff. In your games I see you making what I would call basic errors, but that doesn't mean you're terrible or know nothing. As other posters said, if someone 400 or more points above me looked at my games, they'd point out a lot of errors that are basic to them.